Queendaline Maduako

Professional Makeup Artist

I am a professional Hair and Make-up artist based in Manchester, United Kingdom. I have worked with professional photographers, couture designers, models, artists, and bridal parties. I also have experience with music videos, theatre, and fashion shows.


About Me

In recent years, I have also worked in the Nigerian Film Industry (Nollywood) with celebrities, and my job has taken me to different countries.  

Some of my work has been published in a magazine called Personal Magazine via a professional photographer who I worked within the summer of 2020.

I have over 5 years of experience as a qualified Hairstylist and Make-up artist.

I have a qualification in Beauty Therapy, Fashion, and Photographic Make-up and Media Make-up. 

I furthered my education into the University to gain more knowledge and degree in Make-up Artistry for Fashion, Film/TV, and Theatre.  

I have completed several training courses which gave me exposure to working and being familiar with several leading brands and their products.

I feel that, as an artist, it is crucial to constantly refresh my ideas and I find inspiration everywhere I look. I love the diverse creative people that I meet continuously in my work and they have all inspired me in so many ways.

As a young girl, I was always fascinated by the world of fashion and beauty. I was constantly in touch with fashion and beauty magazine – reading about famous designers, models and Make-up Artist. As the years went by, my love for fashion and beauty grew even deeper. I am inspired by several professional make-up and designers like Pat McGrath, Vivian Westwood and so many more.

I decided that I wanted to be a Make-up and a Hairstylist and my ways of approach to styles are simple. I am all about using the right products in the right places to highlight a person’s best feature and natural beauty.  

wedding makeup

Bridal makeup is an essential part of the wedding planning process and designing the perfect look for your wedding day is my number one priority. This is the perfect option for anyone who does not typically wear a lot of makeup or someone who wants to look ultra natural with a touch of elegance.

sfx makeup

SFX make-up is often used as a catch-all term to talk about both disciplines, and the line where SFX stops and prosthetics begins is blurred. This is the use of cosmetics and prosthetics to create special effects for camera, film, or live-action theatre. The effects can be simple, like bruises or fake blood from a fistfight.


This is makeup that is usually not worn every day and used for magazine spreads and runway. This type of makeup has to interpret fashion and provide a look that will help to achieve the image a client, brand, photographer or art director requires.

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